Rialto – Customisable Venetian Terrazzo

Rialto Project

Rialto is a modern reinterpretation of the ancient paving known as "terrazzo alla Veneziana". In ancient times, pebbles, building debris and artefacts were mixed together with lime as a binder. It was only with the advent of electricity and cement that the floor began to be smoothed and polished after the laying phase.

Bespoke options

The combination of moulding production, water-jet cutting, and the large selection of marbles and bonding paste allow for almost infinite bespoke options in terms of composition and materials.


Compared to Venetian terrazzo, Rialto tiles are easier to install. Once laid, the material needs to be sanded to achieve a smooth and homogenous floor.


Currently, industrial production allows for the supply of slabs cut from blocks or characteristic tiles made from units of different sizes. Rialto is based on the second technique, which is the only one that allows precise and large-scale design and bespoke choices. The Rialto series consists of water-jet-cut marble inserts in balanced colours such as Bardiglio, Rosa Perlino, Bianco Carrara and Breccia Sarda.


Customer design

Rialto allows the customisation of tiles according to the needs of the project (upon technical verification). The number, material, and shape of inserts can be changed, as well as their material and colour. For large quantities, our staff can develop a bespoke design. In addition, up to four different patterns can be created for one floor covering, giving you maximum creative freedom.



Inserts are individually waterjet-cut and hand-finished.



The base mix is prepared. The process requires several grain and colour tests before the final moulds are made. The printing phase is a relatively quick process, after which the tiles are stored for a few days and constantly checked.


Sanding and quality-control

When the tiles are ready, we move on to the sanding of the top and eventual grouting. At the end, a quality check is performed on each piece and then the material is packed for shipping.

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