Marble and Stone Backlighting

Marble backlighting

Backlighting marble allows nuances and veining, which would otherwise remain hidden, to be highlighted. Backlit panels are a furnishing element that emphasises the natural beauty of marble through light.

Mondo Marmo Design has researched extensively different backlighting techniques and systems.
Thinness of marble is fundamental. However, it is also important to test supports and adhesives, highlighting each material’s special features.

In the case of onyx, the work is simplified by the feature of this rock itself, which allows light to pass through easily. Furthermore, this support maximises the uniformity of the light.



Mondo Marmo Design has developed various solutions for the backlighting of marble and stone. Each of them has its own strengths: we have a choice for every need and budget.


This is a system of LED modules, which is applied on an aluminium support allowing for easy assembly and ensuring diffusion of heat. This solution requires an ideal assembly space (plenum) of 70 mm to allow lenses to homogeneously diffuse the light.

  • High brightness levels, allowing onyx and marble to be backlit without the need for extra light;
  • Easy installation;
  • IP67 resistance allowing usage in wet areas (swimming pools, wellness centres, hammams, saunas, etc.);
  • Excellent cost/benefit ratio.
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It is formed by a group of small, close-set LEDs, which are supplied, assembled, and wired on aluminium panels. As for Modulo, this solution allows the thickness of the plenum to be reduced to 25-30 mm.

  • High brightness levels;
  • Easy installation;
  • IP67 moisture resistance.

Led Panel

The most common solution on the market consists of backlit panels which do not need plenums, as are glued directly onto the marble. It is characterised by a lower brightness than the previous solutions, and requires special care in processing due to its thin thickness, as well as special supports to achieve maximum performance.

  • Ideal for indoor use;
  • educed installation thickness;
  • Versatility.
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This is our latest innovative solution. It is a modular system with a 50 cm base and a 15mm-thick base + marble, which makes it possible to obtain a product that can be standard or bespoke. Its performance is comparable to that of Led Panel, but it is cheaper.

  • Customisable;
  • Excellent cost/benefit ratio.

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