NewsTerrazzo in kitchen top

Terrazzo in kitchen top

Use stone terrazzo in kitchen

Over the years, terrazzo is becoming an increasingly popular material because it is extremely versatile in terms of colours, thicknesses, and construction techniques. Many architects and private individuals choose it for the kitchen worktops in their interior design projects, as it combines authenticity with an industrial approach (through scale production, it is possible to obtain a product without defects and reproducible at a later date).

Authentic, meaning a genuine, straightforward and spontaneous product.

Concrete Terrazzo

Marble-cement terrazzo is a material from an ancient Italian tradition, particularly from the Veneto region. It is goof for kitchen floors.

In the second half of the 20th century, new techniques were developed for the production of terrazzo in durable slabs with a perfectly repeatable design.

Marble-cement is made by mixing cement with marble quarrying and processing residues in an autoclave mould. Once the block is fully cured, it is cut into slabs with a minimum thickness of 2 cm.

Resin Terrazzo

The marble-resin version of terrazzo represents the fine-tuning of an ancient material using modern techniques and materials, such as resin and autoclave production. It is an excellent terrazzo for kitchen countertops.

The product is made by mixing resin and waste materials from marble quarrying and processing inside a mould. Once the block has fully catalysed, it is sawn into slabs with a minimum thickness of 12 mm.

Solutions for marble and natural stone projects

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